ACC Treatment Provider 

Daniel Judd Nat.Dip.Acup, Dip.ChbT, NZRA Regd. 14 years, Cert Cosmetic Acupuncture:

21 Victory Place, Port Chalmers 9023 , Dunedin. Contact Daniel Mobile: 022 070 5081



Treatments: Acupuncture-1 hour sessions Traditional Diagnosis and Needle Techniques plus Dry-needling and no needle techniques, Moxibustion-for exhaustion & problems aggravated by cold, Cupping-for tight muscles, shoulders and backs, half hour sessions available, HerbaL Medicine-Freeze dried powders, Pills and Balms to augment your health, TaiJi/Qigong-Excercise therapy to balance the 12 main chanels and 8 extra-ordinary channels used in acupuncture, Facial Mapping, Facial Rejuventation and Emotion Release.